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Original acrylic on canvas - 18" x 24".

LINCOLN MORGUE 3:00 AM By Daniel Dohring

Amazingly good pay and benefits. That's what caused me to accept the offer. I had never worked the night shift before but figured it was time for a change. On my third night, I found out why they always had staffing issues. I began to feel these "waves" in my head and they were coming from inside the morgue cooler. Turning towards the glass window, I saw it. Red eyes and a slight white mist surrounding it. Opening the door causes it to disappear or sometimes just move to the back of the cooler. That was two years ago. I'm still here and so is... it. Yep, great pay and benefits at the Lincoln Morgue. 

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    All artwork ships free of charge unframed within the USA. Each original canvas comes with hangers on the back and a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.