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"THE ORB FLOATERS" - 18" X 24"

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Original Acrylic on canvas - 18" x 24". 

THE ORB FLOATERS by Daniel Dohring

Float the orb. Float the orb. At a very young age the orbs just appear. One for each. Their origin is unknown. The master orb floater controls a green orb while the apprentice floater's orb is blue.  Float the orb. Float the orb. Once the apprentice masters his craft his orb turns green and something happens to him. His body, his hands and his eyes change. Float the orb. Float the orb. Floating the orb is all consuming. All purpose, desire & motivation lies within the orb while it floats. Float the orb. Float the orb. Odd little creatures these orb floaters. Odd little creatures. 

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    All artwork ships free of charge unframed within the USA. Each original canvas comes with hangers on the back and a signed and dated certificate of authenticity.